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Taught by an established music professional

Have you longed to play a musical instrument, but for one reason or another never got around to it? However, do you still desire to enjoy the wonderful feeling of knowing how to play an instrument?

Why wait? My name is Dan Knudsen and I have been playing guitar, as well as other instruments, since 1962. I am a retired mental health therapist who used music as a method to help and encourage residents. I now teach various stringed instruments at my home studio.

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Here's what I can teach you how to play

I teach most stringed instruments (except violin, viola, & cello). I also teach music theory teaching both standard notation as well as tablature. I also provide recording services.

  • Guitar
  • Banjo
  • Mandolin
  • Dulcimer
  • Ukelele

I have an effective teaching style that takes you where you are and builds you up slowly giving you confidence and joy as you become a better musician. My fees are: $40 per hour or $25 per half hour.

What others are saying about FMS Studios

Johnny C. - "Very knowledgeable about music theory and is patient as a teacher. He knows his stuff!"

Jasmine F. - "What impresses me is that besides being knowledgeable, experienced, and eclectic in teaching many different genres and styles; he creates a calm and focused atmosphere for learning and instruction. Mr. Knudsen's flexible, calm, and kind demeanor puts you at ease while he clues you in to the ins and outs of your instrument and correct technique."

Randy F. - "As a student of Dan's, I found him to be considerate, helpful, and inspiring, with just the right amount of push at times. As a songwriter/guitar-player, in recording, he is both detail oriented and patient. In short, he does an excellent job and is a great guy."

Mark C. - "Dan does a fantastic job working with our daughter. He is kind and patient as she learns, yet knowledgeable and able to challenge her to improve her mandolin skills. His experience and talent is evident throughout the lesson and it inspires our daughter to want to practice on her own. He also gives her freedom to select music that she is interested in which helps her develop confidence."

Pam P. - "He customizes his lessons for his student's skill levels, aptitides, and interests. Sessions with him are relaxed, stimulating, and great fun. You leave energized from the experience with new inspiration and plenty to work on between lessons. My father who had Parkinson's disease had been a long time mandolin player but was no longer able to negotiate the small frets at the age of 89. Dan helped him pursue his love of music with learning to play the dulcimer, a much simpler instrument and later, to play an open-tuned tenor guitar. Dan has many different types of instruments in his studio and so, if you are interested in trying out a different instrument, you can do so during the session."

Georgia - "I put my son Samuel, who is 8 years old, into Ukulele lessons and Dan has been teaching him for a couple of months. We have loved the confidence it has given Samuel and having his own thing just for him!"

Ron - Intermediate Student - "Dan has been instrumental (no pun intended) in helping me develop my guitar skills plus he has kept me motivated by showing different techniques and sounds utilizing the partial capo as well as tuning to DADGAD..A true guitar afficinado and nice guy. He pushes me yet I don't feel pushed! I'm so blessed to have him as my guitar teacher."

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